wrestling birthdays christmas cheer

Whoa, these newly winter days are flying by...with two children whose birthdays are a day apart and a week from Christmas, wrestling matches, dinner/birthday parties, and Christmas goodies to make we have been happily busy. The kids enjoyed their birthday party which was combined this year. We had a house full of friends and family and yummy food and lots of love. CJ has been doing so well in wrestling and I am enjoying watching him shine. Pollywog and I have been busy planting bulbs and making yummy bread, cookies, fudge and other goodies that B delivered to loved ones today. Now we are relaxing and quietly enjoying this holiday time together. Slowing down and watching the snow fall peacefully around us. Merry Christmas!


We have been so busy with friends visiting, school, wrestling, and many other activities that I am just getting around to reflecting on Thanksgiving. It was one of the best ones I have experienced. I missed my father terribly, but friends came from far away and our house was filled with music, football games in the backyard, hikes in the woods, bonfires, laughter, food and many wonderful memories. I am thankful