I'm back...and it's snowing!

I took a bit of a break. No reason really, I just didn't feel like writing. Lately, I have been inward, so I haven't been in a place where I have felt like sharing. It's been nice having this season of reflection. Thinking about my place in life, goals for the person I am always striving to be, new directions in parenting as my children grow and enter their own new stages in life...and taking the time to admire my husband and the man he has become. It's nice to be able to take a step back and look at your life and the people in it. I feel truly blessed and ready for some changes. Nothing dramatic, just getting motivated to accomplish some goals that have been tucked away on the shelf. We had a quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. I am not too big on this holiday, but we try and make special traditions. CJ accompanied his grandma this year, to her families' home. We really missed him, but knew that this would probably be our last Thanksgiving living so close to my mom so we were happy for him to get to go. Me, B and pollywog went on an awesome day hike. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet! Then we ate a yummy, vegetarian meal...and took a nap...(just to keep with tradition) This morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground. This winter has so many wonderful moments in store. This will be the first winter that pollywog will really be excited about Christmas, sledding, making snowmen...Her innocent joys quickly spread to all of us and we are given the gift of new eyes to look at this beautiful earth. Our camera has officially gone capoot...so until then my pics will be from my phone, sorry. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Here are some goals that I am dusting off: - get back to clearing out the house- Everytime I go into my closet, or look around the house I see clothes, and junk that are never touched...it's time to clear that out! - get back on my raw journey (I do plan to share more about this. It's something that I have been researching obsessively and playing around with) - reasearch my fitness certification...I am finally pursuing something I have wanted to for so long. Becoming a certified personal trainer. As well as being certified, I plan to specialize in fitness helping folks with chronic illness (diabetis, fibromaylagia, etc...),obesity, and those who have specific diets such as vegetarians, vegans, raw foodist, etc. I am really excited to begin this journey! - I am still working on CJ's afghan...my first one! - and some fun stuff we will be doing with school this month! Making a bird sanctuary, making a cold box to grow greens (a bit late on this, but should be fun), and CJ has really been interested in baking (he loves the show Ace of Cakes), so he want's to design some cakes. It will be fun to play in the warm kitchen! I can't wait to see what wonderful things he comes up with! - oh, and I will be getting back to my Moments of Gratitude! Thats all for now!


There are days when unmade beds and sinks of dishes are pushed aside to make room for more important tasks and of course hot cocoa for cold hands Can't wait to see our tulips in the spring!

30 moments of gratitude: seventeen

I am so grateful for every single special, wonderful moment I spend with my children. What gifts...oh, what blessed gifts.

thank you

To all the brave men and women who serve and protect our country. My father always loved Veterans Day. He would wear his Veterans hat and you could see him stand a little bit taller on this day. I am so proud of him. i love you daddy! On another note, I haven't been in my regular bloggy mood. To be honest with you I have been having a difficult time lately. I miss my father so much and have been grieving terribly. It seems as more time passes the sadder I become. I know this is part of the process, so I am just letting myself go through this all naturally. I just miss him so much. He meant so much to me and right now I feel a bit lost without him. Thank God for my husband and children. Nurturing them nurtures me. So if I seem absent it is only because I am feeling sad and finding solace in the arms of my hubby and the love of my children...I am snuggling in my cozy bed reading and sipping mint tea...and I am peacefully watching the season change before me and letting my mind flip through all the memories I can conjure up, of my papa john. I will leave you today with some photos of paintings CJ has been working on. This first one represents the Africans in America study he just completed. This historical lesson was powerful and we both learned so much! (he wanted me to let you know that this is not yet finished...he is right now adding tears falling from the sky and chains being broken..."free at last") I will show the final painting soon. and this is a painting he is working on for his grandpa. and lastly the hat and scarf I finished for my pollywog thank you for listening and have a blessed day.

30 moments of gratitude: sixteen

I am grateful for my special lunch companions...

30 moments of gratitude: fifteen

I am grateful for the ability to go inward without fear. Recently I have felt myself entering a season of quiet reflection. I don't have the desire to speak but rather listen, and even more than that, watch. In these moments I find myself still, watching the leaves twirl and twist on their way to the ground...letting the sky take me... hearing the songs of the wind...getting lost in the conversations of the finches... my mind is not in a hurry and my body melts into silence willingly. This is a slow recharge that I happily surrender to.

in a perfect world

This (election) is probably the most historic event that has happened in my lifetime and my children's lifetime. It has been especially poignant for my son who has been studying the history of Africans in America. Last night as we gathered around our television, and I rocked my little one to sleep, tears began to fall. I cried watching John McCain's speech, and then Barack Obama's acceptance speech. It caught me by surprise the feeling that grew in my tummy. Then I realized it was one change of many to come, that I would not share with my father... And boy did that man love politics. Because I am always analyzing everything and love sociological and psychological perspectives and ideas- and because I have a bit of an obssesion with fairness, justice and equality I was thinking how in a perfect world each and every candidate would have had the same amount of money to use for campaigning. Every candidate would have equal and completely unbiased newstime (both television, newspaper and magazines), each candidate would be allowed to debate, and those in the media would present equal and fair news. Not endorsing anyone. In this perfect world it would be interesting to see what Americans would have chosen without the art of persuasion. What would this look like? But, we don't live in a perfect world, and it will never be one. Hopefully though we will have the change promised. Hopefully we will not lose any freedoms and that government will not become large and prominent in our personal lives. These are my hopes and I am choosing to be hopeful. ...and that, I promise, is my last words on politics. Now to "my perfect world", even when it's not"... What wonderful weather the day brought us. Sunny, clear blue skies and a warm breeze begging to be played in. So that is what we did (sorry for the picture quality...cell phone pics) and then we ate Sherbert...watched Thomas the Train...napped and worked on our diorama.

election day

I have made a conscious decision not to share my political views on my blog. I have strong beliefs- but my biggest belief is honoring everyone's views. The dishonoring of that, has been such a disappointment to me this year. I find it wonderful that we are all different- with varying opinions, values and views. It has made me sad and sometimes angry watching the politics in the media...seeing the candidates treated unfairly, hearing the cruelty and the prejudices people have for those who don't think like them. It's been interesting to see just how celebrity driven our society has become...as though these individuals should be a part of the political process. That said, we try and make it a point in our family to show all sides of life- and this goes for politics. We watch the conservative media and the liberal media and hope for some truth in the middle. We talk with CJ about the different issues being voted on (including home-school rights that hang in the balance). We also let him know that their are several folks, (including a woman) running for President. We are a nation made up of more than just the democrats and republicans. We believe in free speech and we feel so blessed to live in a free nation. One where each person is allowed to make up their own, personal minds. It is so inspiring watching my son make decisions based on his own beliefs. Not ones swayed by us, celebrities or even the media. Today pollywog's favorite friend, who comes once a week to play, spent some time with her. This gave CJ and I some time to make some treats for our family election party. So while pollywog did this we did this: Tonight we will eat spaghetti, cupcakes, hold up our signs and watch the future of our country unfold...We are a blessed Nation!

30 moments of gratitude: fourteen

I am so grateful for memories. Treasured and enjoyed...so close to my heart that sometimes they seem like yesterday, and sometimes I wish they were yesterday.


I am playing catch up today on my posting. We have been so busy that I just haven't had a chance to sit and write...today the forecast is busy as well. The weekend was nice. To sum it up in words: corn mazes, glowing pumpkins, trick-or-treaters, Falafel night, a favorite old movie "Where the Boys Are" that my husband generously watched with me, house-work, Minestrone soup, lesson plans, and gorgeous weather. Yesterday was a wonderfully typical day. Thankfully I had completed all the housework over the weekend so that Monday I could spend the day enjoying the children (and getting a jump on the mountain of laundry...ugh). So here is yesterday- in words and pictures: block towers ready to knock down singing songs (lately she loves to sing- her favorite songs at the moment are, "Where is Thumbkin", "Twinkle Twinkle", and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". It is so adorable listening to her sing and make the actions) while pollywog napped, CJ and I listened to the Beatles and worked on the Huckleberry Finn diorama bubbie let her play with his legos (thank you bubbie) plus: fig newtons, crocheting pollywog's first scarf, Martial Arts, and pizza...yep, that about sums it up. Oh, and going to bed with a warm heart and a content smile on my face. Nothing exciting, but so wonderful just the same. There is something so special about the simplicity :)