in a perfect world

This (election) is probably the most historic event that has happened in my lifetime and my children's lifetime. It has been especially poignant for my son who has been studying the history of Africans in America. Last night as we gathered around our television, and I rocked my little one to sleep, tears began to fall. I cried watching John McCain's speech, and then Barack Obama's acceptance speech. It caught me by surprise the feeling that grew in my tummy. Then I realized it was one change of many to come, that I would not share with my father... And boy did that man love politics. Because I am always analyzing everything and love sociological and psychological perspectives and ideas- and because I have a bit of an obssesion with fairness, justice and equality I was thinking how in a perfect world each and every candidate would have had the same amount of money to use for campaigning. Every candidate would have equal and completely unbiased newstime (both television, newspaper and magazines), each candidate would be allowed to debate, and those in the media would present equal and fair news. Not endorsing anyone. In this perfect world it would be interesting to see what Americans would have chosen without the art of persuasion. What would this look like? But, we don't live in a perfect world, and it will never be one. Hopefully though we will have the change promised. Hopefully we will not lose any freedoms and that government will not become large and prominent in our personal lives. These are my hopes and I am choosing to be hopeful. ...and that, I promise, is my last words on politics. Now to "my perfect world", even when it's not"... What wonderful weather the day brought us. Sunny, clear blue skies and a warm breeze begging to be played in. So that is what we did (sorry for the picture quality...cell phone pics) and then we ate Sherbert...watched Thomas the Train...napped and worked on our diorama.