as the snow melts

Seasons turn

I have not written in many moons. Although I frequently flip through this blog, reminiscing and smiling at a life we have lived, and the life we continue to live.
Joyful for change, new paths, daily lessons, and of course new memories!
Much has happened between this post and the last.
I am not ready to write about said changes, I might never be.
I have learned the importance of facing forward.
The past is always a part of us, but it is in the moving forward that keeps us present and in a constant state of awe.
So for is my pollywog, now age 4.
She can usually be found singing or pretending to fly. Oh, how she wishes she could fly.
Thankfully, she loves to snuggle alot!
Create works of art!
She Loves to help mommy around the house with chores.
Unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, dustings and her new favorite daily chore: watering our newly planted herbs.
She craves learning and jumps at the chance to count items, identify letters, play Memory (her current favorite games), trace words and have mommy read stacks of books.
She is a lovely balance of girly girl (something I never was and getting use to all the pink, crowns, jewlery and um, did I say pink) and thankfully loves soccer and getting dirty outside. Something I am much more familiar with.
She is my: present
She keeps me in the constant state of awe, that children are so gifted at.
her valentine morning
valentine creater
Our "spring is almost here" table