::fun day::


food is a topic that has increased
around here.
keeping my son fed is a full-time job.
today while he ravenously ate almost an entire pizza
he said, "mom trust me, it sucks. i never feel full."
i cannot imagine being a growing boy and a human garbage disposal.
 tonight i made balsamic, honey chicken breasts, steam broccoli, 
garlic bread and shells&cheese.
it seemed to have vaporized once it was placed on the table.

so, pollywog and i made my infamous chocolate chip cookies
and that seemed to quench his appetite.

there is a certain satisfaction i get feeding my boy.
it must be a mom thing, but when he comes bouncing up the stairs
i feel like i need to whip him up some food.
this week i have made home-made rolls, almond green beans,
 spaghetti, mash potatoes, Parmesan chicken, the list goes on...

there is something about someone exclaiming oooh's and ah's 
that encourages my time in the kitchen.
not to mention when i look down at my feet this
is usually what can be found
(she loves to be in the kitchen while i cook)

tomorrow the little one has a friend coming over
 to play for the day.
she is very excited.
almost too excited to sleep...so i let her listen
to her Pippi Longstocking story tape in bed.

our spring break has been rainy rainy rainy so we 
have been trying to enjoy it as best we can.
sleeping in, lots of lego play, 
new library books and story dvd's, cooking, 
and a bit of pbs.org.
and a supa cool bubbie who makes time for his sis!
i am so thankful for my sweet, giving, creative and big appetite kids.

just because

an impromptu photo shoot with my little one.
she loves this dress and after a chalk drawing session
she wanted to pose 
and pose she did
where does she come up with this? 
can you say precious...

::lovely sunday::

- pollywog and i planting our garden today
the weather was bliss and we spent the entire day outside seeding.

- sophia & pollywog

- a yummy lemon loaf i made for breakfast
and a moment to myself before the day began

- a view of the sunporch and the garden

- newly added words to the newly painted living room

looking forward to trying a new pasta recipe for dinner and watching the
rain come and bless our garden.
and a movie with the little one with my dirty toes propped up.
::lovely sunday::

these moments

A Friday ritual. A single photo or photos- no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

spring in our step

it has felt like summer this week.
the sun has been shining and the girl, cj and i have been running
around in shorts and t's , sipping sun tea, licking on popsicles,
getting our toes dirty in the garden plot, well while bubbie lays out catching rays
and listening to his ipod.
pollywog and i have been able to spend the past couple of days
at home together. 
she has had a bit of a bug. not too sick, but enough i 
wanted to keep her home, feed her well, and let her rest when she desired.
it has been nice.
i miss being home with her during the day.
i don't know what i am going to do when she starts kindergarten. 
although, i am most likely only enrolling her for half days.
i am excited that in just two short months school will be out and 
my little one and i will be spending the summer together.
i will not be working over the summer, but rather taking some online classes.
i missed two summers with my little one while she was at her dads.
this about killed me.
when i was pregnant with her i would dream about 
all the fun summer time activities we would do together.
this summer we are going to catch up.
bbq's, picnics by the creek, days&days at the pool with friends,
catching lightening bugs, walks to get snow-cones, watching her eyes light up
on the 4th of july, watching our garden grow, eating fresh picked berries...
my eyes are tearing up just thinking of the joys of these simple times together.
cj is most likely going to be life-guarding this summer and i am so proud.
summer with my children sounds like heaven!
but before summer, right now it is spring.
glorious, magical spring.
buds are pushing through the ground, white flowers have blossomed
in the yard, the house is open with a warm breeze and songs of birds
while we eat breakfast together. 
evenings are spent on the porch watching the puppy chase her tail and 
pollywog and i lay in bed at night listening to the sounds of new life outside
planning our adventures, just in time for bubbie to come bounce on the bed
and make us laugh.
i grasp all of this...the sounds, the smells, the sight of this bliss and hold it 
close to my heart thanking God for these gifts.

saturday was fun

tonight pollywog said, "mom our house is fun"
i couldn't agree more.
there is always some sort of activity going on.
often it is a mommy induced, spontaneous, re-arranging of our home.
i have a problem..i fully admit this. 
i am obsessed with seasonal cleaning.
each season brings about a new arrangement of furniture
sometimes a new coat of paint on the wall
and always a good two days of fun&hijinx to be had.
this time was no different.
i have been working on de-cluttering and finding the perfect spring time
arrangement and color scheme.
 i'm going for simple, light and airy.
this morning the little one and i went to an all girls brunch at
 one of my good friend's house.
pollywog put on her new favorite outfit and i fixed her hair a special way.
she i showed her in the mirror she squealed with delight.
we ate yummy quiche, munched on fresh fruit and muffins and i sipped a mimosa
while pollywog had oj.
it was such a lovely group of woman.
all ages, some moms, some single ladies
all very cool.
we had a wonderful time.
pollywog got to hold a baby 
which is something she always enjoys- not sure how he felt about this.
 after brunch she got to play with her cousin at grandmas for a bit
while a sweet friend helped me paint my dining room.
i love the color!
it is a white linen color and now the dining room is bright, sunny and airy
and very spring like. yes!
CJ worked on his room, painting and helping me.
the house was full of music, laughing, and joy.
pollywog came home in time for the fun
and jumped right in helping
she wasn't the only one who wanted to help
ahem...how can you get mad at a face like this.
we laughed till our bellies ached and gave sophia her
third bath in 6 days.
before bed, pollywog journaled as she does nightly.
she likes to draw events from her day...


i could

i could write about how lovely the 
weather was today. how wonderful it was to 
play in the garden plot,
bring the patio furniture out, and daydream of BBQ's and backyard fires.
or how wonderful it was to have a lunch date with my two 
wonderful children at our favorite Indian restaurant.
laughing at my son's hilarious humor
 and watching pollywog try new exciting foods.
or about how beautiful the house looked
with the sun shining in on the newly cleaned wood floors
the smell of cedar wood and peppermint oils
 and the beautiful bamboo area rug i found today with Tibetan inspired designs...
i could
but instead i will simply share 
the sweetness of our new family member
my garden girl readying her garden plot with a puppy in tow
a blueberry pie for mommy with a candle on top
 a cool teen boy who was snuggling and carrying this bundle around
  puppies like to be read to, too

i came upon this when i went to tuck the little one in...
i am looking forward to the weekend.
tomorrow i was invited to a ladies brunch at a friends new house
then it is home to paint and work on the house as the spring cleaning and redecorating
is in full mode (did i mention the teen boy and i are creating a "man cave"
for him in the downstairs..)
then family taco night.