spring in our step

it has felt like summer this week.
the sun has been shining and the girl, cj and i have been running
around in shorts and t's , sipping sun tea, licking on popsicles,
getting our toes dirty in the garden plot, well while bubbie lays out catching rays
and listening to his ipod.
pollywog and i have been able to spend the past couple of days
at home together. 
she has had a bit of a bug. not too sick, but enough i 
wanted to keep her home, feed her well, and let her rest when she desired.
it has been nice.
i miss being home with her during the day.
i don't know what i am going to do when she starts kindergarten. 
although, i am most likely only enrolling her for half days.
i am excited that in just two short months school will be out and 
my little one and i will be spending the summer together.
i will not be working over the summer, but rather taking some online classes.
i missed two summers with my little one while she was at her dads.
this about killed me.
when i was pregnant with her i would dream about 
all the fun summer time activities we would do together.
this summer we are going to catch up.
bbq's, picnics by the creek, days&days at the pool with friends,
catching lightening bugs, walks to get snow-cones, watching her eyes light up
on the 4th of july, watching our garden grow, eating fresh picked berries...
my eyes are tearing up just thinking of the joys of these simple times together.
cj is most likely going to be life-guarding this summer and i am so proud.
summer with my children sounds like heaven!
but before summer, right now it is spring.
glorious, magical spring.
buds are pushing through the ground, white flowers have blossomed
in the yard, the house is open with a warm breeze and songs of birds
while we eat breakfast together. 
evenings are spent on the porch watching the puppy chase her tail and 
pollywog and i lay in bed at night listening to the sounds of new life outside
planning our adventures, just in time for bubbie to come bounce on the bed
and make us laugh.
i grasp all of this...the sounds, the smells, the sight of this bliss and hold it 
close to my heart thanking God for these gifts.