saturday was fun

tonight pollywog said, "mom our house is fun"
i couldn't agree more.
there is always some sort of activity going on.
often it is a mommy induced, spontaneous, re-arranging of our home.
i have a problem..i fully admit this. 
i am obsessed with seasonal cleaning.
each season brings about a new arrangement of furniture
sometimes a new coat of paint on the wall
and always a good two days of fun&hijinx to be had.
this time was no different.
i have been working on de-cluttering and finding the perfect spring time
arrangement and color scheme.
 i'm going for simple, light and airy.
this morning the little one and i went to an all girls brunch at
 one of my good friend's house.
pollywog put on her new favorite outfit and i fixed her hair a special way.
she i showed her in the mirror she squealed with delight.
we ate yummy quiche, munched on fresh fruit and muffins and i sipped a mimosa
while pollywog had oj.
it was such a lovely group of woman.
all ages, some moms, some single ladies
all very cool.
we had a wonderful time.
pollywog got to hold a baby 
which is something she always enjoys- not sure how he felt about this.
 after brunch she got to play with her cousin at grandmas for a bit
while a sweet friend helped me paint my dining room.
i love the color!
it is a white linen color and now the dining room is bright, sunny and airy
and very spring like. yes!
CJ worked on his room, painting and helping me.
the house was full of music, laughing, and joy.
pollywog came home in time for the fun
and jumped right in helping
she wasn't the only one who wanted to help can you get mad at a face like this.
we laughed till our bellies ached and gave sophia her
third bath in 6 days.
before bed, pollywog journaled as she does nightly.
she likes to draw events from her day...