::princess sophia::

the little one has been praying nightly, for several months,
for a puppy.
i have been looking for the perfect one and when i came
across this little gal
i knew she was the one for us.

she is a purebred cocker spaniel.
she comes from a family of show dogs 
however this sweet baby has one blind eye.
she was born with this condition and does not have any illness.
 so the breeder did not want to sell her, 
but rather make sure that she went to a special, loving home.
 i knew when i read this that my pollywog had
more than enough love to give this pup.
we picked her up today and they have been inseparable since.
she is the sweetest baby and a great addition to our family.
she loves to be held and when pollywog or i are not
nearby she scampers to find us and whimpers until she is snug
in our arms.
we are in