a bit of a plan for a non planner

one of my new year's resolutions is to work on being 
self-disciplined and self-motivated.
these are doozies for me.
when i make a commitment to something i am really good
about throwing myself fully into whatever it is.
however, in general i am one of those folks who is gun-ho at the beginning
of an endeavor only to fizzle out after the initial excitement.
my mantra's currently are:
stay consistent, be self-driven&disciplined, create good habits, and remember
you create the life you live!
ha...my knees quake just typing this.
one thing i am learning as i mature&grow
is that it is important to tailor goals to oneself.
meaning...know yourself.
i don't want to change my personality i want to work with it.
short term goals:
- getting back into shape is numero uno for me!
when my body is strong my mind and spirit feel strong.
not doing landscaping right now has made this mama soft and daily i feel the evidence 
of this mentally.
right now i really don't have the opportunity to hit the gym. financially and time
wise it is just not doable. so i have ordered various types of workout dvds
from the library that i am going to try out and see what ones work for me.
i have ordered ones like pilates style, yoga, dance, ballet barre workouts and zumba for example.
i will regularly write about ones i have tried and the pros&cons for me.
decades of passion for fitness has taught me what works for me and my body and what doesn't.
- healthy eating! i am pretty good about drinking my green smoothies each morning
but i must admit that in the winter&summer months they lack in excitement.
the organic greens are from a package and the fruit is mainly frozen fruit.
produce leaves much to be desired in this region. living on the west coast spoiled me.
i look forward to growing my own greens&veggies and picking them fresh daily for my smoothies.
in the meantime i am going to put more effort into finding fresh greens and fruit (aka the farm)
and going green smoothie cRazY! 
as well as incorporating more eggs, nuts, seeds and fish into said diet.
i know that my body thrives when i stick to simple.
beans&rice, grilled fish, fresh fruit&veggies, boiled eggs. 
spring&summer tend to inspire me more. 
(damn i wanna live somewhere warm year round...i've been saying this since i can remember)
- i am bringing back my "life in quotes" photo series.
i enjoyed stumbling upon quotes, poems and inspiring words and looking for 
  images to accompany them or vice versa.
it brought a sense of awareness to my day. i noticed small, beautiful details.
i plan to do this at least once a week.
- garden
i have spent the past few years focusing on my employers garden and
have not spent the time i would like planning and growing ours.
i always regret this later.
i have so much to learn.
the time i spend with pollywog observing&digging in the dirt
sitting among among the birds, perfume of tomatoes and sipping coffee in the mornings
is peaceful and spiritual for me.
so i am going to pour myself into this garden and reap the fruits of my labor.
before i get ahead of myself, let me stop here.
i am learning that when i set small steps it
  breeds success and is done at just the right pace.