winter pace

I find myself making less time to write here.
Between teaching at the preschool, enjoying time with pollywog,
and all the various activities that come our way each day
 i find that any down time i have i spend reading, or watching dvds, 
or researching farms.
It's not to say were not enjoying ourselves round here.
We are!
The past few days we have been busy celebrating my niece"s birthday.
Thursday we all went out to dinner.
Friday my sister, her daughter (the bday girl), pollywog, myself, our mother and the birthday girl's
other grandmother went to see "Annie" at the theater.
It was truly a special event.
The little ones got all dolled up and were so excited to watch, this play,
that they have been singing songs to the past couple of years.
I felt myself tearing up watching my lil one clapping and singing along.
Afterwards there were cupcakes and sleepy girls.
My camera was acting up and unfortunately I lost the pictures from this wonderful occasion.
Today we enjoyed a quiet, and much needed restful day.
The little one watched a movie in a fort 

and the rest of the day was spent in imaginative play
and lots of snuggle time.
As I type this she is nestled up against me.
Tomorrow we have Family Sunday Dinner!
This is a tradition we are all committed to.
Pollywog is loving school. She is beginning to work on reading. 
She also begins gymnastics soon and we are contemplating starting violin this spring.
Monday I start my part-time internship at a local organic farm.
I am excited for this opportunity and the doors that will open and folks I will meet.
 Life is good.
We are in the winter pace.
Quiet, reflective, togetherness.