chicken soup for the cold

The little one has been fighting a cold.
I am thankful, so thankful, for her seemingly strong immune system.
I credit 3 years of breastfeeding among other variables.
Because she is so rarely "under the weather" I become vigilant when "bugs" occur
  to prevent any escalation of illness.
I made a large pot of home-made chicken noodle soup
full of lots of garlic.
Garlic is used often around her to prevent sickness
and fight the ones we get.
I have also upped her Vitamin C intake, 
and I have been adding a bit of peppermint oil to her humidifier at night.
Because she does have a cough she has taken to drinking hot tea
with lemon and honey several times a day. This seems to make her feel much better.
The best cure though is still the cuddling mommy gives!
I am so thankful that my work allows me the flexibility to stay home when my kids need me!

Cabin fever is ensuing.
We have played with the toys I keep tucked away for special times, 

Watched movies, colored and enjoyed visits from friends
but its just so gosh darn cold out that we haven't ventured our in 5 days!
Today we are going to bundle up and sip some tea on the front porch!
I feel spring around the corner as the veggies in the greenhouse on the farm 
are growing and seedlings have sprouted almost ready for March planting!
BTW I started at the farm and spent my first day harvesting spinach for the CSA.
I'll be posting pics of the farm soon!