i feel so much better since my last post.
it is truly amazing how much positive thoughts can alter the day.
i feel centered and focused and reminded that learning to 
let go and just flow
is powerful.
this evening the kids and i ordered pizza and had an impromptu picnic.

i tossed a blanket on the floor and we stuffed ourselves with the cheesy goodness.
i have not been cooking as much as i would like lately

i am letting go of putting this expectation on myself.
i know by now that i go through "phases"
so tonight we just enjoyed the simple pleasure of easy, and one another.

CJ indulged pollywog in her favorite activity
  "lego's with bubbie"
 seriously does it get any better than this?
(the kids teasing their mom. they say this is my mad face...makes me laugh every time)

i gave pollywog her own special diary.
she writes/draws in it regularly, it's pretty cute.

she pretends to lock it up and had bubbie write "DO NOT READ" on the front.
sometimes she lets me take a peek then tells me to forget what I just saw. :D
 the pages are full of amazing images that are so imaginative.
i love when she lets me see

"but not tonight mommy"...