::our monday::

 Pollywog is feeling much better!
 I did keep her home from school one more day
to make sure her immune system was boosted and ready to fight off
all the colds and viruses swirling around.
We woke to inches of snow that continued to flurry most of the day.
This made for a cozy day indoors.
She spent much of the day in imaginative play.
Listening to "Anne of the Island" on her stereo while playing with her dolls.
She "washed" the dishes in her kitchen
and made mommy banana pancakes 
i love eating lunch together
chatting about this and that and enjoying our girl time.
we made Valentine cards and crafts for loved ones
then decorated the walkway for grandma who was coming by to exchange 
cards and candy
 by spraying food color on hearts we drew in the snow.
a cozy monday with my favorite gal