spring cleaning and stuffs

 (tickle bug)
we have had a busy weekend of eating yummy food
playing board&card games
and organizing, de-cluttering and spring cleaning (i even dusted my wooden blinds!).
pollywog has definitely inherited her mommy's love for
re-arranging and refreshing rooms.
the two of us went through her room and got rid of quite a bit.
outgrown clothes and toys and the general collection of junk.
then we found a new arrangement for her room.
its amazing how the energy shifts in the home when bits&pieces are
moved here and there.
she was soon playing with forgotten toys.
i moved my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen things around.
i love the cubby shelving!
next on my list is the living room and sunporch.
i want to create a space for organizing.
containers for school supplies, gymnastic, soccer and swimming gear
car keys, hats, jackets, etc, along with my bulletin board of schedules, calendars and to do's.
i will add the pictures of the final results of this in a later post.
the goal is to finish said items today.
pollywog has followed me around helping to organize, fold laundry
and decide what should stay and go. i am thankful that she is not 
attached to "things".
she also has slowly been putting on my old slips and dancing around the house
playing make believe with junk tossed on the table.
tomorrow i will not be going to the farm as the little one has a day off from school.
her and i will spend the day planning our garden and her little garden
getting seeds (were behind in this endeavor) and doing some
crafts with Mod Podge!
more photos to come.
Mantra for today: believe in the power of positive thinking&speaking.