what was is not, what is...is

This morning I saw on facebook that several people
seemed relieved that the world was still infact
spinning and continuing.
It never even occurred to me that some random date
was going to be the "end of the world".
Calendars and time are so abstract and have not been
consistently kept up with over time.
Not to mention distortions of language and culture.
We get so hung up on numbers and significance.
Birthdays, age, weight, calendar dates, size of clothes,
height, etc.
All of these numbers are made up and only hold the significance
we give them.
Anyway, we all need our significances right.
Ive been on the coast for the past week nursing a cold.
I have managed to get in a good spin class, Pilates and Yoga.
Also met a couple nice gals and went out to dinner.
I haven't been reading and writing as much as I was
so I am getting back on that asap.
This morning I am heading up to Portland with a friend
to spend the weekend.
Tonight we are going Salsa dancing and out to see a bluegrass band.
Should be pretty fun!
My mind has been quiet lately.
I let thoughts surface but I don't hold them
and they quickly fade away.
It is a strange feeling and at times leaves me feeling numb.
This is a season.