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life in words

Life has gotten so busy... so busy in fact that I have very little time to keep up with this journal. B has been working in Oregon as a watershed director and the kids and I will not be joining him until June when CJ finishes up his first year of high-school. We didn't want to uproot him at such an important time. He is very involved in sports and socially and the move would have been too difficult on all of us. So now I have found myself with the duty of being both parents so to speak and after a month of anxiety and exhaustion it seems the kids and I have found our rhythm. We miss B terribly! He flew in last night to spend a few days with us and Pollywog hasn't left his side. Being away from her favorite man has been hard for her. They have a very special bond. This morning she woke up to see her daddy lying next to her and her smile lit up the whole room. She has smothered him and kisses and hugs. So far since his departure I have taken Pollywog to the ER because she put a bead up her nose...tell me why do kids do this? We were making necklaces and I guess the temptation was far too well as CJ to the doc for a minor concussion from wrestling. I am learning that I am stronger than I thought. I am growing new muscles and learning to let the little things go. Also, I have been working on my new series of paintings and writing and playing songs. My creative flow has been rapid recently and I am trying to sneak in the time to utilize it. The weather has been spring like in some weeks and full of snow in others...which is where we are now. When it was warm we played and had a picnic at the park with friends and when cold fed the birds, played in the snow, made crafts, danced and rearranged the furniture. Life keeps moving...and us with it.