Wednesday: puppets

I am working on creating a flexible rhythm in the home. Especially with Pollywog starting preschool and ballet I don't want to have our days rushed and hectic, but rather flowing and full. She has so many activities she wants to do and there are many I want to introduce to her. I have been reading some inspiring books on creating rhythms for children and bringing nature back into the lives of our young ones. Two I am particularly enjoying are: "Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids" and "The Rhythm of Family" I am also making a schedule that can guide us. For example one day a week will be a day for us to do a special craft we have been wanting to do together. Another day will be for experimenting and cooking in the kitchen. We will have a nature exploration day too that I am excited to enact. I am getting Pollywog a nature journal and on these special days she can press a leaf or flower she deems interesting, or take a photograph of something that catches her eye, or paint a picture of something she saw. I did something similar with her bubbie during his schooling and we both enjoyed it. Another day of the week we will designate for the park, to picnic and run and play! I am still working on this so I will post our progress and activities as we go. Next Tuesday she starts her half a day preschool and on the same day ballet so we will give ourselves room to fall into a rhythm. Today we made puppets. She loves the puppets at the library so we tried our hand at creating our own. She named this one Sally and we had fun playing with her. I need to find some better patterns for puppets.

tuesday: triplets and teeth

It's not easy being a mommy to have to nurse one, and feed the other two while you are eating your own lunch...Maybe the "tail" gives you special energy. (yes, she is still wearing her red tail :) ) This mommy is so patient though, and so loving to her little ones. It was also Pollywogs first trip to the dentist. This is the dentist her bubbie goes to and has since he was a little guy. It was mainly just a familiarizing visit. Meaning they showed her what each instrument was and its purpose and let her touch them. She also met her dentist and he did a quick check to see how her teeth looked. Everything looked great! She was sent home with a goodie bag of floss, toothbrush and bubblegum toothpaste, which she couldn't wait to try out.

Monday: crafts, and tails and baby books

This morning Pollywog quietly painted while I finally got to my housecleaning. For some reason she decided to wear a red string, ahem, I mean "tail" all day... and I do mean all day...even at the library after dinner. I have to admit I liked it, it made me smile throughout the day. Her imagination inspires me! She's been asking me for several days now if we can get her baby box out and go through it. I have one for her and bubbie filled with memories, old baby clothes, pictures they have made, poems I've written for them, their baby books and other items only a mom could treasure. I must admit, I got a bit teared up going through the boxes. There are so many memories, so much change, so much love and so much time that has flown by.

Last carefree days of summer: nuevo

Sunday I had big plans for housecleaning. Yes, I know this day is suppose to be a day a rest, but we've been so busy around here I thought I'd get a jump on my week. Pollywog had other ideas though and soon I gave in to having a leisurely day of exploration, make believe and pure fun! I have finally realized how important it is to truly be in the moment and fully experience each day. My little one is growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a second! She had been wanting to build a fort all week so that was first on the list.
next we made a yummy summer pasta together for an evening picnic Pollywog loves to work with mommy in the kitchen :) yummy fresh basil from the garden then it was time for our evening picnic the warm summer breeze was perfect and when we got hot from playing ball we cooled off in the fountain
it was a magical day...and i gotta say, it beats cleaning house

Last carefree days of summer: ocho

!!!Crafts crafts and more crafts!!! Pollywog and I love to create. I get so many wonderful ideas from other mama bloggers, craft books, and us just letting our imaginations carry us away. Pollywog filled up her responsibility chart so I took her to the craft store to pick out some special creations. She picked out beads and made herself a bracelet

we also got materials to make freezer paper stencils for some clothing

Other times Pollywog just simply likes to draw

Another craft we enjoyed this week was making sewing cards. Pollywog colored and cut

and then she sewed in her rocker, complete with her superhero cape

Last carefree days of summer: siete

We can have some pretty full days around here when we feel autumn on our heels. Pollywog has lots of ideas of things that would be fun to do...and together we enjoy each activity she suggests amazing leaps over the sprinkler

getting her nails done is a favorite...especially with new stickers!

a new favorite activity and a day at Owlapalooza...a kid festival at a nearby elementary

Last carefree days of summer: cinco

One of my dearest friends has a daughter just 6 months older than my little one.
It was wonderful to spend the day together. All us gals got to catch up. There was spontaneous singing during snacks
An ice-cream truck adventure ending in treatsand lots of imaginary play
another wonderful last days of summer activity!

Last carefree days of summer: cuatro

Last carefree days of summer: tres

Today was a very special day! Grandma hosted a princess tea party for the girls. Pollywog woke up saying, "I need to get dressed for the tea-party" Being that both of these girls LOVE all things princess they were pretty excited. Pollywog wanted to wear her Rapunzel dress, crown, sparkle shoes, a bit of makeup and of course have her hair curled.
putting on "her lips"
princesses still have to eat breakfast and play go fish while they wait for their carriage to arrive and be silly then the other princess arrives and more "lip applying is required" of course reflections are caught and the tea party awaits