Finding our Rhythm: Part three "they walk alike, they talk alike""

Ask Pollywog what she wants to do and each time you will hear, "play with my cousins!"
She loves her cousins and boy do they love her! I am so thankful we live in the same town as them so they can all grow up together. Her cousin Brenna is probably her favorite person in the whole wide world. When Pollywog was in Oregon she would often talk to Brenna and both of them couldn't wait to finally be together again...and play, and play, and some more. Today both of her cousins (Brenna and Camden) got to spend the day with us.
Playing doctor (for some reason the patient is listening to her heartbeat...;) )
and our favorite activity: crafts and snacks (the rain this morning brought a sweet breeze onto the sun-porch)
sugar and spice playing school (reminds me of my sister and I when we were little girls)
Finally an activity Camden wanted to do! Most of the day was "no boys allowed" I'm pretty sure he was fine with that. Brenna and I made up cheers on the sidelines!