Wednesday: puppets

I am working on creating a flexible rhythm in the home. Especially with Pollywog starting preschool and ballet I don't want to have our days rushed and hectic, but rather flowing and full. She has so many activities she wants to do and there are many I want to introduce to her. I have been reading some inspiring books on creating rhythms for children and bringing nature back into the lives of our young ones. Two I am particularly enjoying are: "Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids" and "The Rhythm of Family" I am also making a schedule that can guide us. For example one day a week will be a day for us to do a special craft we have been wanting to do together. Another day will be for experimenting and cooking in the kitchen. We will have a nature exploration day too that I am excited to enact. I am getting Pollywog a nature journal and on these special days she can press a leaf or flower she deems interesting, or take a photograph of something that catches her eye, or paint a picture of something she saw. I did something similar with her bubbie during his schooling and we both enjoyed it. Another day of the week we will designate for the park, to picnic and run and play! I am still working on this so I will post our progress and activities as we go. Next Tuesday she starts her half a day preschool and on the same day ballet so we will give ourselves room to fall into a rhythm. Today we made puppets. She loves the puppets at the library so we tried our hand at creating our own. She named this one Sally and we had fun playing with her. I need to find some better patterns for puppets.