Last carefree days of summer: nuevo

Sunday I had big plans for housecleaning. Yes, I know this day is suppose to be a day a rest, but we've been so busy around here I thought I'd get a jump on my week. Pollywog had other ideas though and soon I gave in to having a leisurely day of exploration, make believe and pure fun! I have finally realized how important it is to truly be in the moment and fully experience each day. My little one is growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a second! She had been wanting to build a fort all week so that was first on the list.
next we made a yummy summer pasta together for an evening picnic Pollywog loves to work with mommy in the kitchen :) yummy fresh basil from the garden then it was time for our evening picnic the warm summer breeze was perfect and when we got hot from playing ball we cooled off in the fountain
it was a magical day...and i gotta say, it beats cleaning house