Last of the carefree days of summer: uno

My little one is a busy girl. I love for her to get to be home and flow from activity to activity with no rushing around or deadlines to meet.
Next week preschool starts. Although she will only be going part-time this means that their will be schedules to follow, ballet classes to attend, soccer practice and early bedtimes. So as the summer winds up we are enjoying the last of the carefree... there are outdoor films to attend with cousins, a princess tea party planned with grandma and a day at the pool planned.
She is very into her responsibility chart and each morning works hard to add circles of achievements (I think we need a circle for silly would fill up quick) a game of hide~n~seek found you our many daily games of go fish setting the table so she can get a circle on her chart
then eating yummy pollywog foods: cheese quesadilla, avocados, apricots and almond milk
our nightly bike rides and explorations
and on the rarest of occasions, after a fun-filled day, she falls asleep in my arms and I can pretend she is my little baby still