Finding our rhythm: Part one "Routines of joy"

We are finding our rhythm amidst all the new changes.
Pollywog is finally back home with mommy where she belongs!!! She has been visiting daddy in Oregon and has missed her home, cousins, brother, grandma, aunt and uncle, friends and especially her mommy. She has always had her mommy with her...practicing attachment parenting I have rarely left her side, so being separated as often as we have been lately, has been VERY DIFFICULT for the both of us! Only a mother could understand how painful and unnatural it is to be without your little ones. I made a choice when I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to be with her every day. Teaching her, nurturing her, and watching her grow. So having to be away from her has been traumatic. I can only imagine how much so for her. She has always slept next to me, she breastfed till age 3, and we spent all day, every day together going on nature walks, making crafts, singing, snuggling, and all the many activities I documented on this blog. Then suddenly she is without me...needless to say we are both healing and catching up. We both just stare at each other with love and hug as much as possible. Yesterday morning I was awaken by her announcing she was going to wake me up with 10 hugs and eleven kisses. Best alarm clock ever!!!! When the sun rises, we both open our eyes and smile blissfully that yes, mommy and Pollywog are together. As we move forward we are finding our rhythm again. The rhythm that provides security, growth and love that my little one thrives in.
showing mommy her ballet moves in her new sparkle shoes
how cool is this!?! She gets to help mommy at work. She sat next to me at her own little desk and played and colored (I brought her crafting basket)...then she helped mommy.
the simple pleasure of routines
crafting with mommy to make:
the entrance to her room!!! (all colored and cut by us!)
lots of art being made to decorate my walls mommy's famous green smoothie Popsicles!!! our favorite park to feed the geese and ducks! Its good to be together again!