dream list

Friday: swim laps bible study take CJ and friend to pool art walk with family and friend Sat: swim laps - Pilates family stuff...go to goodwill and look at clothes vacuum paint meet friends for dinner and music Sun: church relax Mon: laps Tues: Pilates Wed: laps Thursday: Pilates Friday: laps Sat: Pilates Now that I can eat: rice, beans, fish, tofu, green smoothies, fruits, greens, boiled eggs, seeds and nuts. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Life in Quotes day twenty three

" Don't mess with a bear... that would be some ordeal." ~ Dan'l Chambers

baking soda

Sometimes I don't feel like blogging...sometimes while I'm blogging I will have the passing thought, "what in the h-e- double hockey sticks am I blabbering about?"
Sometimes it feels so unimportant...wrapping up passing moments of our lives, in neat little packages.
I don't mention insecurities, or how I cuss when I stub my toe. I don't mention burned dinners being tossed in the garbage and disagreements at home. What about bills, or gas prices...what about all the inhumane horrors that are going on all around us. People are dying, children are being mistreated, humans are starving... and I am posting pictures of putt putt and garden tomatoes...
Have you ever forgotten baking soda in a batch of cookies? It's an ingredient one doesn't think about much. It isn't the chocolate chips, or the cinnamon...but without it, the cookies don't taste good. Really, they are downright inedible.
Yes, there are bigger issues...ones that don't require a microscope.
But these, little stop and smell the roses moments, do. Otherwise you'll miss them...and without them, life is downright inedible.
Here is my baking soda for the day~ although it taste more like the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!!!

the painter

she tosses each one on the floor when done...oh the artist

mommy kisses

mommy kisses and teenager says, "ahh mom"

one day these little feet will touch the ground...hopefully not too soon
sweet dreams

Life in Quotes day twenty two

" I only went our for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found was really going in." ~ John Muir

achieving your childhood dreams...

date night

Sorry...no Life in Quotes today. I am still moving slow due recovery and lack of food. I've been living off smoothies, milkshakes, oatmeal, eggs and lots of saline rinses and Emergen-C. I am almost back to normal. Today I took CJ and his friend to a movie and tonight he is staying at his friends house...so me and B are planning a quiet, evening at home together, with the pollywog of course. Tonights romantic menu: fancy omelets (B's specialty) with tomatoes and basil from our garden, sprouted toast and freshly roasted and ground coffee...(just roasted today) mmmm Then when the little one is in bed we are gonna snuggle up and watch a netflix. So no more computer today. Life in Quotes will be back tomorrow. Here is the link for the other blog Let me know what ya think. Infact, if you visit any of my blogs I would love to hear from you. Comments are icing on the cake.

putt putt


Life in Quotes day twenty one

" Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." ~ Pablo Picasso

The Wrap up

One less week of summer. That's how it's beginning to feel. CJ is already trying to fill each day with summer activities before the break is over. I fully support this knowing that his childhood summer days are dwindling.
Not much was accomplished this week in regards to chores or activities. At least on my part. Having this tooth taken care of was a God send...but the recovery has taken longer than I hoped.
I have stitches in my mouth (my first stitches ever) and although it's all healing nicely it has been quite sore and I have been tired from not being able to eat much.
I did manage to get the laundry almost done and pick up the house. CJ has only been home three times this week as he has been busy hanging out with friends. 
We have managed to keep the ritual of one hour of family reading or drawing time. It is so nice. We all sit in the living room and read our chosen books or sometimes sketch. It is a peaceful time that we all look forward to.
I did manage to work on some paintings last night and I am happy with the results.
A couple of moments from today:
pollywog has been enjoying my jewelry, such a little lady

  I love rocks! I collect them and this one looks perfect next the the others on the entry table. I was so excited when I saw this new addition.
Muffins! Carrot, spice, raisin and they are great with a cup of tea.  

This week I will:
1) start working on our home school curriculum, schedule, ordering and planning (I have been doing quite a bit of research and we are excited about this upcoming year for both kids)

2) paintings

3) dream house blog
We hope to be moving back to Oregon next year and have dreams of buying or building our dream home. We also dream about homesteading, making organic wines, B&B's, eco-tourism...
We often see house plans, or interior design or ideas we like. So I want to "scrap book" it all for a future reference. What better way then to blog...

 4) Start up Pilates again

5) Lots of summertime activities

Looking forward to the week

Life in Quotes day twenty

" Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." ~ Charles Caleb Colton

Life in Quotes day nineteen

" The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh

educate a woman, you educate a nation

If you have a netflix account, please take the time to watch this... either on Watch Instantly or order it. If you don't have netflix, find a way to watch this. It will change you.

these are a few of my favorite things (when nursing a sore mouth from dental work)

When I'm groggy from pain meds., when my mouth is sore and swollen, when my food intake is of the liquid kind, when I have to lay in bed... I enjoy:

1) Netflix Watch Instantly
If you've watched all the ones that have come in through the mail and you're stuck in bed...this is a great feature. Ones I have enjoyed while on this "break" :
Without the King
To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig
Max Ernst

2) Milkshakes

The "Island Diet" has now turned into the "Liquid -my gums have stitches- Diet" ---my love for milkshakes has been renewed. Right now I am enjoying a creamy, delicious strawberry one. Yesterday I had a chocolate one (okay, two, but whose counting?) Recovery and shakes just go hand and hand.

3) Getting outside in the sun after being in bed all day.

Pollywog loves to pick the readied foods from the garden...she carefully plucks them, then smells each one. Today she picked an heirloom cherry tomato, two larger heirlooms and some basil. It felt so good to be outside in the sun.

4) quiet daydreams
Spending so much time alone lying in bed, is the perfect recipe for daydreaming (one of my ALL time favorite ways to pass the time)
All my best ideas come to me when I'm dreaming.
I had many exciting ones that I will share at a later time.
They mostly consisted of a house near the ocean, ideas for new paintings, and homeschooling plans. mmm daydreaming...

Tomorrow it's time to get back into the groove of things.
There is some mountain climbing in the laundry room to tackle, a crumb city on the kitchen floor to visit, then destroy, children to play with.

Life in Quotes day eighteen

" There are only two things a child will share willingly- communicable diseases and his mother's age." ~ Dr. Benjamin Spock

Land End backpack

I entered to win a Lands End backpack and you can too. Go here

quick side note...

I was on the Mothering site tonight...If you don't know what that is, check it out. It's a wealth of information for parents. The whole, "waiting 24 hours to breastfeed" was not settling right with me. I posted my situation and question and received all sorts of information. I followed up on the links and a medical lactation website as well. Turns out dentist often tell mothers to stop nursing for 24 hours, when actually the medicines used for sedation are metabolized quickly and it is safe to breastfeed. I wish I would have done my research before today. Not being able to nurse my little one has been the hardest part about all of this.


It's over...I can now breath a sigh of relief...only not to much because the air hurts. This morning, after a painful and restless night of sleep, I went in to get my tooth removed. A friend of mine accepted the duty of being my driver so B could stay with pollywog. (CJ stayed the night a friends) When I sat in the chair and they hooked up the blood pressure machine and put heart monitors on my chest I began to get that awful nervous feeling in my tummy. The nurse said, "sweetie, you are going to be just fine. We aren't gonna hurt you" and patted my arm. Then the dear sweet (grandpa) doc. came in b/c he remembered I was scared yesterday. He leaned over me and said, "you are gonna be just fine. I'm gonna be right here"...so I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer and let go. They put in the IV and the sedation and I said, " I think I'm starting to...." Then I woke up in recovery hiccuping. Why, I don't know but I am sure I looked pretty loopy. My superstar, caring family has been so wonderful. Daddy has occupied pollywog all day and has kept her nice and fed so that she won't want "nana's" (although tonight will be the real test). CJ came in saying, "awww mom, are you okay?" and gave me lots of hugs. I have been drifting in and out, watching movies on the lap top, sipping tea and miso broth and wincing from a huge headache (probably b/c I haven't had coffee)...It's actually been nice. Life will be back to "normal" soon with one less tooth. and Life in Quotes will be back tomorrow.

Life in Quotes day seventeen

" There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it." ~ Minnie Aumonier

the tooth saga

well...I just got back from the dentist/oral surgeon. So sweet...I knew it was bad when he looked at my tooth and patted my shoulder saying, "oh you poor dear". He said that it's got to come out. With the condition of the tooth being so bad, he suggests I be sedated- as it will be a rough removal. Immediately I felt a wave of fear come over me which I pushed down past my frozen smile. I have never been sedated. This frightens me. But what I am really worried about is that I cannot nurse my baby for 24 hours. She is rounding 20 months and has never had a bottle, doesn't take a pacifier and I haven't pumped before. Breastmilk is now a supplement to solid food for her...but she loves it. She loves to snuggle against mommy and feel comforted and secure. She frequently comes up to me throughout the day saying, "na na" and then smiling and giggling. This is how she relaxes, this fixes all boo boos, this is our special time. How will I turn her away tomorrow? Thankfully B will be home all day and can feed her yummy foods and keep her distracted. Thankfully I am getting this tooth removed. We will get through this with new "smarts" ~ but I am scared... Natural childbirth with two children didn't scare me this much. Go figure...

not a wisdom tooth...but still a good teacher...

The smooth and productive day was soon followed by a rowdy, very painful evening.
The rowdy part is just a typical day in the life with an almost, not quite,hopefully, pretty far away from, adult man child. That would be CJ my 13 year old. He had two friends stay the night and I have been picking up (more like yelling, "boys come and pick these up) sunflower seeds. What is the deal with men and sunflower seeds? Then the dinner...if you have boys, nuff said. They haven't stopped eating today. I finally got them settled down to watch Spy Kids 3...whew~ that of course was in the middle of the lights being off in the entire house for a game of hide and seek...yea, not so much!
This evening after most of the above mentioned, I was suddenly struck by the most excruciating pain. We're talking Lamaze breathing pain. It was intense. This tooth is gonna be the death of me. I have tried and tried to get some type of emergency dental work but it seems that is not customary nowadays. I will spare you the frustrating details and just let you know that the prescription until I can get this sucker fixed is one Tylenol one Advil...ah right, that oughta work.
What happened to the good ol' days when you sloshed back some stout whiskey and held tight to the seat while they yanked her on out?
All pain and suffering comes with a lesson...well sometimes, I guess.
Last night I was listening to the BBC World while painting. There is so much suffering going on all over the world. Specifically in Congo. I mean, were talking intense suffering like rape, torture, murder, on top of the "normal" stuff like: LACK OF FOOD, ILLNESS, WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN STARVE. I forget sometimes just how intense people live around the world. I cannot imagine...well, I don't really know a word for what they are going through---Inhumanity? Then today I was reading a new favorite blog, "Vintage Chica" about her recent trip to Nicaruga. Another story of suffering and conditions that no human should have to endure. Yet, in all these stories of pain and fear- there is also a tiny sprout of hope. This is seed we all share as humans. Hope.
So I guess what I am trying to say is...my tooth probably isn't so bad after all- in fact pale in comparison. Some Lamaze breathing and hopefully an extraction in the very near future and my life will be okay.
If only it were that easy...

***just a little peek at something I am working on***

Life in Quotes day sixteen

" There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. " ~ Unknown

today I love Tuesday!!!

Right now...at this very moment I am doing one of my favorite things...okay maybe not at this very moment b/c I am typing and that is not my favorite thing. But right before this.
I was painting and listening to classical music and the sound of the rain-- watching the trees sway and the lightning tease the ground.
I think I mentioned the other day that I moved my "studio out into the garage. I have made a cozy little nook and I love it. It doesn't take long to forget about the heat once I get going...
A thunderstorm blew in and it was delightful. I love thunderstorms. They make me think about my daddy. He never met one he didn't get excited about. He'd turn on the news, talk about the radar and when he was well, he would stand outside and watch them and remark about the thunder. His eyes would light up and he would grin with his cute little overbite. When I was a little girl and I 'd see him standing out there, I thought he was the bravest man ever. (and he was) Now he has the really good vantage point.
His spirit lives in each one of us b/c we all get excited about thunderstorms round here. And it's not that they're uncommon either.

Yesterday the kids got a package from Gamma and Grandpa in Oregon. CJ got a stack of hot rod magazines (no, not the kind decorated by bikini maidens)- last night he flipped through ocassionally saying, "oh, cool...check that out". Pollywog got two books. They are so sweet. I read them to her last night and was choking back tears. (yes, I cried at Finding Nemo) So sweet...Thank you Gamma and Papa~

I'm on day two of (in booming voice): The Island Diet and Get Butt Up and Moving!
I am proud to say that last night I went to bed at 10:30. This is mega huge for me. Lately I have been up till 2:30 and then the next day I wonder why I am tired (smart, huh?)
We got up early, ate (me: green smoothie and one banana) and went to an aquarium of sorts. Then we played, picked up the house and for lunch I had...hold onto your seats... smoked salmon on a bed of mixed greens, with avocado, sunflower seeds, raisins, edamame, and oil and vinegar. MMMMMM and now I am working. So proud, I know.

Well, the thunder is slowly rolling away and the weather is now cool and cloudy.
Back to work. It's amazing how just a little gumption can change your outlook on life and get the fire going under you...

rolling a rock

up a hill...
I am finally picking my momentum up and getting things around here rolling again.
It's always a matter of pushing past my laziness, or indifference, or "I don't feel like doing that", and of course the "I'll do that later", or being distracted - and just getting up and doing it.
So today I started off the day with a green smoothie: blueberries, cherries, banana, spinach and water. Later I ate a banana for a snack, and for lunch I had smoked salmon and some olives. I also did my Pilates.
Pilates amazes me. Such small, slow, subtle movements and yet I am sore and I feel toned and stretched. I LOVE IT. Pollywog got a kick out of me lying on the floor and wanted to get involved (aka: climb on me which made it slightly difficult)
The boy came home today!!! I was so happy. I miss him so much when he isn't around. To celebrate we had some wonderful key lime pie (MMMM) ?what??? limes are island diet food...
I did revise the food items a bit. Along with the raw veggies, fruit and fish, I will also add beans and rice and miso soup. We have been Miso crazy around here.  
Pollywog loves it and her new favorite food is the tofu in the soup.
The big adjustment is the NO MORE late night snacking.
I got some work done last night! It really flowed. I am thrilled about this body of work. It is different than anything else I've done. It's great when all the stuff in your head becomes real and actually works. I'm heading out to work on some more. Every night until it's done.
The framing will be more difficult so I need a window to work on that.
Alrighty, I feel like I am rambling so Ciao 4 now.

Life in Quotes day fifteen

" Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~ Lao Tzu

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Currently reading this book. It is wonderful, inspiring and broadening. When I finish this book I will review it. In the meantime here is a link to an interview with Paul Farmer (the subject of the book) on NPR. Listen...

the wrap up

Although I have felt like crap most of the week, due to a massive toothache (more on that later) we got through the week and it kinda feels like a blur.

I know some strawberry freezer jam was made

There was an impromptu family picnic in our front yard (which brought some strange stares in the neighborhood, whatever...)

There was some green smoothie lovin' and Popsicle eatin'

I worked out a whole 1 time...hold the applause
Some fun in the kiddie pool~ Big brothers= cool

Pollywog overcame her fear of bugs and now has a very obsessive love/hate relationship with them. (notice the stick of death in the other hand)

CJ went on a float trip with his youth group and had a "total blast" and is now at a sleepover
  I did manage to get some work on my art done...but not so much...I have had this decaying tooth forever. I am petrified of dentist and so I have let this go. Usually it hurts then goes away so I keep putting it off. Then I was pregnant and well---now it is bad. Extreme pain. This week I hope to get the sucker pulled. I don't want a root canal, just pull it. Although, they will probably do a root canal.
This tooth issue, coupled with really bad eating lately, has left me groggy all week.
So the plan for the week is to
1. get tooth fixed
2. nutrition maintenance ~ I am one of those people very affected by what I eat. Over the past two months I have gotten in this horrible habit of eating a desert (usually ice cream) every night. No more!!!! This week I am going to eat like if I lived on an island...ohh can't I live on a tropical island, the warm ocean air, tropical fruit, hammocks and seagulls...slap...okay I'm back. This means raw veggies and fruit and fish. I need to cleanse and I need the energy.
3. Pilates ~I got my new Pilate's dvd in today. Several years ago I did this dvd everyday and after a week I noticed a huge difference. I was so toned and flexible. So this will be added to the days.
4. get to work...the deadline is looming and this evening I moved my work out into the garage. It's getting large and taking up to much space in the school room. Now I have to drag my butt out into the breezeless, hot, humid, did I mention without breeze, garage and work. AAAH!
That's the goals for the week. Anything else that happens will be icing on the cake.
Oh! and a word to the wise...watching the movie "Fools Gold" could make you dumb or dumber in my case.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Life In Quotes day fourteen

The lofty follower of the sun,
Sad when he sets, shuts up her yellow leaves,
Drooping all night; and when he warm returns,
Points her enamor'd bosom to his ray.
~ James Thomson


When I gave into the moment, it took me away-all while standing on my deck.
The sounds of outside began to slowly swirl around me.
The less I focused, the more the intensity grew.
Quickening in pace, increasing in sound
the crickets creaked, the catydids clicked
lightning bugs turned off then on all around me.
I lifted my head towards the evening sky.
The clouds covered my ears and took me away.
Time stood still and I flew~ dizzy
As I gave into this moment, I was taken away~ all while standing on my deck.

Life in Quotes day thirteen

" Peace begins with a smile" ~ Mother Teresa

Life in Quotes day twelve

" Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes in the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. " ~ John Lubbock

contest to win a baby carrier

Here's the link. Wish me luck. I really, really, really hope to win. Our Ergo which I LOVED somehow got damaged in the last move and they are expensive. :( www.alongfortheride.biz/contest-s/49.htm

Life in Quotes day eleven

" Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas." ~ Paula Poundstone

upon a stone I balance, creating new muscles

Routine- schmootine....that is the talk around here. When I am off my "game" and not keeping the house oiled and running everything and everyone seems to go a little haywire. Sometimes I forget just how important my role is at our casa. With this art exhibit now leering over my head- I have been, well...pretty wrapped up in it. Once I get in my creative mode, and especially when there is a deadline- I think, sleep and breath art. It's hard to turn it off. Normally I sleep great, but when I am working on pieces I can't seem to rest my brain. I drift into a restless sleep of paints and images and ideas and awaken groggy. I stay up way too late and my body starts to lose it's rhythm and I begin not to feel well-(it doesn't help that I have a massive toothache). When I am in the "mode" I can't seem to multi-task well- this is a mother's saving grace- so the house seems to run a bit lopsided. My husband has been so amazing. He looks past my intensities and encourages me. ( I seem to get rather moody when I am working.) He has been spending lots of time making dinners and entertaining the kids...but they need and want mom. And the house is grabbing at my feet when I walk through it (literally, the kitchen floor is just plain sticky...) So this is the journey~ I love this walk through life. The one that you must be open to. The one that if you don't remain present and keep your senses aware you miss out on all the important small stuff. The details that make the big picture more vivid. Learning balance is exciting to me,the struggle is exciting to me, growing is exciting to me. Growth is the ride down after you have struggled up the hill. I use to hold the mantra, "this is who I am" now I think, "what can I become?" If I let myself evolve and grow- if I explore all sides of myself I will only become a better mother, wife, friend, and artist. I could go on and on about this because it is something that has been on my mind so much this past year. But I will save it for another time. today I practice balance and peacefulness.