upon a stone I balance, creating new muscles

Routine- schmootine....that is the talk around here. When I am off my "game" and not keeping the house oiled and running everything and everyone seems to go a little haywire. Sometimes I forget just how important my role is at our casa. With this art exhibit now leering over my head- I have been, well...pretty wrapped up in it. Once I get in my creative mode, and especially when there is a deadline- I think, sleep and breath art. It's hard to turn it off. Normally I sleep great, but when I am working on pieces I can't seem to rest my brain. I drift into a restless sleep of paints and images and ideas and awaken groggy. I stay up way too late and my body starts to lose it's rhythm and I begin not to feel well-(it doesn't help that I have a massive toothache). When I am in the "mode" I can't seem to multi-task well- this is a mother's saving grace- so the house seems to run a bit lopsided. My husband has been so amazing. He looks past my intensities and encourages me. ( I seem to get rather moody when I am working.) He has been spending lots of time making dinners and entertaining the kids...but they need and want mom. And the house is grabbing at my feet when I walk through it (literally, the kitchen floor is just plain sticky...) So this is the journey~ I love this walk through life. The one that you must be open to. The one that if you don't remain present and keep your senses aware you miss out on all the important small stuff. The details that make the big picture more vivid. Learning balance is exciting to me,the struggle is exciting to me, growing is exciting to me. Growth is the ride down after you have struggled up the hill. I use to hold the mantra, "this is who I am" now I think, "what can I become?" If I let myself evolve and grow- if I explore all sides of myself I will only become a better mother, wife, friend, and artist. I could go on and on about this because it is something that has been on my mind so much this past year. But I will save it for another time. today I practice balance and peacefulness.