not a wisdom tooth...but still a good teacher...

The smooth and productive day was soon followed by a rowdy, very painful evening.
The rowdy part is just a typical day in the life with an almost, not quite,hopefully, pretty far away from, adult man child. That would be CJ my 13 year old. He had two friends stay the night and I have been picking up (more like yelling, "boys come and pick these up) sunflower seeds. What is the deal with men and sunflower seeds? Then the dinner...if you have boys, nuff said. They haven't stopped eating today. I finally got them settled down to watch Spy Kids 3...whew~ that of course was in the middle of the lights being off in the entire house for a game of hide and seek...yea, not so much!
This evening after most of the above mentioned, I was suddenly struck by the most excruciating pain. We're talking Lamaze breathing pain. It was intense. This tooth is gonna be the death of me. I have tried and tried to get some type of emergency dental work but it seems that is not customary nowadays. I will spare you the frustrating details and just let you know that the prescription until I can get this sucker fixed is one Tylenol one Advil...ah right, that oughta work.
What happened to the good ol' days when you sloshed back some stout whiskey and held tight to the seat while they yanked her on out?
All pain and suffering comes with a lesson...well sometimes, I guess.
Last night I was listening to the BBC World while painting. There is so much suffering going on all over the world. Specifically in Congo. I mean, were talking intense suffering like rape, torture, murder, on top of the "normal" stuff like: LACK OF FOOD, ILLNESS, WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN STARVE. I forget sometimes just how intense people live around the world. I cannot imagine...well, I don't really know a word for what they are going through---Inhumanity? Then today I was reading a new favorite blog, "Vintage Chica" about her recent trip to Nicaruga. Another story of suffering and conditions that no human should have to endure. Yet, in all these stories of pain and fear- there is also a tiny sprout of hope. This is seed we all share as humans. Hope.
So I guess what I am trying to say tooth probably isn't so bad after all- in fact pale in comparison. Some Lamaze breathing and hopefully an extraction in the very near future and my life will be okay.
If only it were that easy...

***just a little peek at something I am working on***