today I love Tuesday!!!

Right this very moment I am doing one of my favorite things...okay maybe not at this very moment b/c I am typing and that is not my favorite thing. But right before this.
I was painting and listening to classical music and the sound of the rain-- watching the trees sway and the lightning tease the ground.
I think I mentioned the other day that I moved my "studio out into the garage. I have made a cozy little nook and I love it. It doesn't take long to forget about the heat once I get going...
A thunderstorm blew in and it was delightful. I love thunderstorms. They make me think about my daddy. He never met one he didn't get excited about. He'd turn on the news, talk about the radar and when he was well, he would stand outside and watch them and remark about the thunder. His eyes would light up and he would grin with his cute little overbite. When I was a little girl and I 'd see him standing out there, I thought he was the bravest man ever. (and he was) Now he has the really good vantage point.
His spirit lives in each one of us b/c we all get excited about thunderstorms round here. And it's not that they're uncommon either.

Yesterday the kids got a package from Gamma and Grandpa in Oregon. CJ got a stack of hot rod magazines (no, not the kind decorated by bikini maidens)- last night he flipped through ocassionally saying, "oh, cool...check that out". Pollywog got two books. They are so sweet. I read them to her last night and was choking back tears. (yes, I cried at Finding Nemo) So sweet...Thank you Gamma and Papa~

I'm on day two of (in booming voice): The Island Diet and Get Butt Up and Moving!
I am proud to say that last night I went to bed at 10:30. This is mega huge for me. Lately I have been up till 2:30 and then the next day I wonder why I am tired (smart, huh?)
We got up early, ate (me: green smoothie and one banana) and went to an aquarium of sorts. Then we played, picked up the house and for lunch I had...hold onto your seats... smoked salmon on a bed of mixed greens, with avocado, sunflower seeds, raisins, edamame, and oil and vinegar. MMMMMM and now I am working. So proud, I know.

Well, the thunder is slowly rolling away and the weather is now cool and cloudy.
Back to work. It's amazing how just a little gumption can change your outlook on life and get the fire going under you...