30 days of "Life in Quotes"

Last night I lay awake, a restful smile lay upon my lips.
The Color Week, turned out to be such a wonderful task, that I looked forward to daily.
In college I studied photography and had hopes to one day work for National Geographic. ( I dream big, okay...) I worked in a dark room and loved the whole process. I even had a show once.
As life began to take new paths I forgot about the art of picture taking.
I sold my nice Nikon N-90 and chalked it up as a past hobby.
That has been the wonderful aspect of starting this online journal- reflection and uncovering thoughts and ideas. It has become a wonderful creative outlet and a place to find myself again.
I am painting more, and overall, just being creative again.
So back to lying awake...I begin to think of a new photographic journey I could take. Then it came to me. I love a really good quote- so pair the two.
For the next 30 days I am going to find a great quote then take a corresponding picture.
My head has been buzzing with ideas since.
If you would like to join me in this endeavor, I would LOVE IT. Please let me know so I can post your blog and also visit.
I will have separate posts about the "going on's" around here...if there is anything exciting (well, to me...:) ) Please keep in mind that I am shooting with a very simple camera but I am up to the challenge!
Here goes 30 days of "Life in Quotes"