the wrap up

Although I have felt like crap most of the week, due to a massive toothache (more on that later) we got through the week and it kinda feels like a blur.

I know some strawberry freezer jam was made

There was an impromptu family picnic in our front yard (which brought some strange stares in the neighborhood, whatever...)

There was some green smoothie lovin' and Popsicle eatin'

I worked out a whole 1 time...hold the applause
Some fun in the kiddie pool~ Big brothers= cool

Pollywog overcame her fear of bugs and now has a very obsessive love/hate relationship with them. (notice the stick of death in the other hand)

CJ went on a float trip with his youth group and had a "total blast" and is now at a sleepover
  I did manage to get some work on my art done...but not so much...I have had this decaying tooth forever. I am petrified of dentist and so I have let this go. Usually it hurts then goes away so I keep putting it off. Then I was pregnant and well---now it is bad. Extreme pain. This week I hope to get the sucker pulled. I don't want a root canal, just pull it. Although, they will probably do a root canal.
This tooth issue, coupled with really bad eating lately, has left me groggy all week.
So the plan for the week is to
1. get tooth fixed
2. nutrition maintenance ~ I am one of those people very affected by what I eat. Over the past two months I have gotten in this horrible habit of eating a desert (usually ice cream) every night. No more!!!! This week I am going to eat like if I lived on an island...ohh can't I live on a tropical island, the warm ocean air, tropical fruit, hammocks and seagulls...slap...okay I'm back. This means raw veggies and fruit and fish. I need to cleanse and I need the energy.
3. Pilates ~I got my new Pilate's dvd in today. Several years ago I did this dvd everyday and after a week I noticed a huge difference. I was so toned and flexible. So this will be added to the days.
4. get to work...the deadline is looming and this evening I moved my work out into the garage. It's getting large and taking up to much space in the school room. Now I have to drag my butt out into the breezeless, hot, humid, did I mention without breeze, garage and work. AAAH!
That's the goals for the week. Anything else that happens will be icing on the cake.
Oh! and a word to the wise...watching the movie "Fools Gold" could make you dumb or dumber in my case.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!