The Wrap up

One less week of summer. That's how it's beginning to feel. CJ is already trying to fill each day with summer activities before the break is over. I fully support this knowing that his childhood summer days are dwindling.
Not much was accomplished this week in regards to chores or activities. At least on my part. Having this tooth taken care of was a God send...but the recovery has taken longer than I hoped.
I have stitches in my mouth (my first stitches ever) and although it's all healing nicely it has been quite sore and I have been tired from not being able to eat much.
I did manage to get the laundry almost done and pick up the house. CJ has only been home three times this week as he has been busy hanging out with friends. 
We have managed to keep the ritual of one hour of family reading or drawing time. It is so nice. We all sit in the living room and read our chosen books or sometimes sketch. It is a peaceful time that we all look forward to.
I did manage to work on some paintings last night and I am happy with the results.
A couple of moments from today:
pollywog has been enjoying my jewelry, such a little lady

  I love rocks! I collect them and this one looks perfect next the the others on the entry table. I was so excited when I saw this new addition.
Muffins! Carrot, spice, raisin and they are great with a cup of tea.  

This week I will:
1) start working on our home school curriculum, schedule, ordering and planning (I have been doing quite a bit of research and we are excited about this upcoming year for both kids)

2) paintings

3) dream house blog
We hope to be moving back to Oregon next year and have dreams of buying or building our dream home. We also dream about homesteading, making organic wines, B&B's, eco-tourism...
We often see house plans, or interior design or ideas we like. So I want to "scrap book" it all for a future reference. What better way then to blog...

 4) Start up Pilates again

5) Lots of summertime activities

Looking forward to the week