baking soda

Sometimes I don't feel like blogging...sometimes while I'm blogging I will have the passing thought, "what in the h-e- double hockey sticks am I blabbering about?"
Sometimes it feels so unimportant...wrapping up passing moments of our lives, in neat little packages.
I don't mention insecurities, or how I cuss when I stub my toe. I don't mention burned dinners being tossed in the garbage and disagreements at home. What about bills, or gas prices...what about all the inhumane horrors that are going on all around us. People are dying, children are being mistreated, humans are starving... and I am posting pictures of putt putt and garden tomatoes...
Have you ever forgotten baking soda in a batch of cookies? It's an ingredient one doesn't think about much. It isn't the chocolate chips, or the cinnamon...but without it, the cookies don't taste good. Really, they are downright inedible.
Yes, there are bigger issues...ones that don't require a microscope.
But these, little stop and smell the roses moments, do. Otherwise you'll miss them...and without them, life is downright inedible.
Here is my baking soda for the day~ although it taste more like the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!!!

the painter

she tosses each one on the floor when done...oh the artist

mommy kisses

mommy kisses and teenager says, "ahh mom"

one day these little feet will touch the ground...hopefully not too soon
sweet dreams