rolling a rock

up a hill...
I am finally picking my momentum up and getting things around here rolling again.
It's always a matter of pushing past my laziness, or indifference, or "I don't feel like doing that", and of course the "I'll do that later", or being distracted - and just getting up and doing it.
So today I started off the day with a green smoothie: blueberries, cherries, banana, spinach and water. Later I ate a banana for a snack, and for lunch I had smoked salmon and some olives. I also did my Pilates.
Pilates amazes me. Such small, slow, subtle movements and yet I am sore and I feel toned and stretched. I LOVE IT. Pollywog got a kick out of me lying on the floor and wanted to get involved (aka: climb on me which made it slightly difficult)
The boy came home today!!! I was so happy. I miss him so much when he isn't around. To celebrate we had some wonderful key lime pie (MMMM) ?what??? limes are island diet food...
I did revise the food items a bit. Along with the raw veggies, fruit and fish, I will also add beans and rice and miso soup. We have been Miso crazy around here.  
Pollywog loves it and her new favorite food is the tofu in the soup.
The big adjustment is the NO MORE late night snacking.
I got some work done last night! It really flowed. I am thrilled about this body of work. It is different than anything else I've done. It's great when all the stuff in your head becomes real and actually works. I'm heading out to work on some more. Every night until it's done.
The framing will be more difficult so I need a window to work on that.
Alrighty, I feel like I am rambling so Ciao 4 now.