Going On's...

Haven't had much of chance to write. Summer days and nights have been sweeping us up and we are enjoying it's moments.
I always feel the rush to enjoy the summer~As a child it always seem to go by so fast and I wanted to fill each minute with it's seasonal activities. This feeling is still with me and I am present in every way.
As I get older (I know I am a young'n but I am older than I was...) the days seem more precious and I am more inspired by life and all that it is.
I know the secret that I didn't know as a child...everything changes... I watch age and time slowly creep into the cheeks of my son and chase my daughter. I hear in my voice and in see in my choices the lessons of life. As time takes away days it also gives new meanings that I am so grateful for. For without them I would not be able to see or to know the beauty of life's hidden treasures. Each and every second I spend in the moment, becomes a memory I cherish and tuck away into the creases of my smile.

Here are some moments from our weekend. Small and simple- and perfect to me.
books we are reading

juicing it up...
spontaneous game of rain ball...check out that sunset...
working on a new art series for a show in September