hats and abstracts

Pollywog wears many hats...literally...she will not leave the house without a hat. When it's time to go I open the hall closet where a basket of her shoes and hats lay. She rummages through repeating, "hat, shoes, hat, shoes, hat, shoes, hat, shoes"... her fashion is not bound by seasons...

Yesterday, CJ snuck off into his room for some time. When he later emerged, he sat a box on the school shelf and took off to play. I peeked my head into is new creation and my eyes were delighted. I love his creative work. I think it's genius! His drawings often remind me of Basquiat- his work has an abstract feel to it and tucked into secret places you can find humor and a sarcasm that we share... (he said, "the guy on the left with the hook on his head,represents a question mark") If you are inclined...take some time to soak in all that is going on here. It is titled: "The World of Skool and Plastic Pencil Tack Warz 3002"
(note: the picture is an overview...you can click to enlarge)