food is a topic that has increased
around here.
keeping my son fed is a full-time job.
today while he ravenously ate almost an entire pizza
he said, "mom trust me, it sucks. i never feel full."
i cannot imagine being a growing boy and a human garbage disposal.
 tonight i made balsamic, honey chicken breasts, steam broccoli, 
garlic bread and shells&cheese.
it seemed to have vaporized once it was placed on the table.

so, pollywog and i made my infamous chocolate chip cookies
and that seemed to quench his appetite.

there is a certain satisfaction i get feeding my boy.
it must be a mom thing, but when he comes bouncing up the stairs
i feel like i need to whip him up some food.
this week i have made home-made rolls, almond green beans,
 spaghetti, mash potatoes, Parmesan chicken, the list goes on...

there is something about someone exclaiming oooh's and ah's 
that encourages my time in the kitchen.
not to mention when i look down at my feet this
is usually what can be found
(she loves to be in the kitchen while i cook)

tomorrow the little one has a friend coming over
 to play for the day.
she is very excited.
almost too excited to sleep...so i let her listen
to her Pippi Longstocking story tape in bed.

our spring break has been rainy rainy rainy so we 
have been trying to enjoy it as best we can.
sleeping in, lots of lego play, 
new library books and story dvd's, cooking, 
and a bit of pbs.org.
and a supa cool bubbie who makes time for his sis!
i am so thankful for my sweet, giving, creative and big appetite kids.