i could

i could write about how lovely the 
weather was today. how wonderful it was to 
play in the garden plot,
bring the patio furniture out, and daydream of BBQ's and backyard fires.
or how wonderful it was to have a lunch date with my two 
wonderful children at our favorite Indian restaurant.
laughing at my son's hilarious humor
 and watching pollywog try new exciting foods.
or about how beautiful the house looked
with the sun shining in on the newly cleaned wood floors
the smell of cedar wood and peppermint oils
 and the beautiful bamboo area rug i found today with Tibetan inspired designs...
i could
but instead i will simply share 
the sweetness of our new family member
my garden girl readying her garden plot with a puppy in tow
a blueberry pie for mommy with a candle on top
 a cool teen boy who was snuggling and carrying this bundle around
  puppies like to be read to, too

i came upon this when i went to tuck the little one in...
i am looking forward to the weekend.
tomorrow i was invited to a ladies brunch at a friends new house
then it is home to paint and work on the house as the spring cleaning and redecorating
is in full mode (did i mention the teen boy and i are creating a "man cave"
for him in the downstairs..)
then family taco night.