election day

I have made a conscious decision not to share my political views on my blog. I have strong beliefs- but my biggest belief is honoring everyone's views. The dishonoring of that, has been such a disappointment to me this year. I find it wonderful that we are all different- with varying opinions, values and views. It has made me sad and sometimes angry watching the politics in the media...seeing the candidates treated unfairly, hearing the cruelty and the prejudices people have for those who don't think like them. It's been interesting to see just how celebrity driven our society has become...as though these individuals should be a part of the political process. That said, we try and make it a point in our family to show all sides of life- and this goes for politics. We watch the conservative media and the liberal media and hope for some truth in the middle. We talk with CJ about the different issues being voted on (including home-school rights that hang in the balance). We also let him know that their are several folks, (including a woman) running for President. We are a nation made up of more than just the democrats and republicans. We believe in free speech and we feel so blessed to live in a free nation. One where each person is allowed to make up their own, personal minds. It is so inspiring watching my son make decisions based on his own beliefs. Not ones swayed by us, celebrities or even the media. Today pollywog's favorite friend, who comes once a week to play, spent some time with her. This gave CJ and I some time to make some treats for our family election party. So while pollywog did this we did this: Tonight we will eat spaghetti, cupcakes, hold up our signs and watch the future of our country unfold...We are a blessed Nation!