thank you

To all the brave men and women who serve and protect our country. My father always loved Veterans Day. He would wear his Veterans hat and you could see him stand a little bit taller on this day. I am so proud of him. i love you daddy! On another note, I haven't been in my regular bloggy mood. To be honest with you I have been having a difficult time lately. I miss my father so much and have been grieving terribly. It seems as more time passes the sadder I become. I know this is part of the process, so I am just letting myself go through this all naturally. I just miss him so much. He meant so much to me and right now I feel a bit lost without him. Thank God for my husband and children. Nurturing them nurtures me. So if I seem absent it is only because I am feeling sad and finding solace in the arms of my hubby and the love of my children...I am snuggling in my cozy bed reading and sipping mint tea...and I am peacefully watching the season change before me and letting my mind flip through all the memories I can conjure up, of my papa john. I will leave you today with some photos of paintings CJ has been working on. This first one represents the Africans in America study he just completed. This historical lesson was powerful and we both learned so much! (he wanted me to let you know that this is not yet finished...he is right now adding tears falling from the sky and chains being broken..."free at last") I will show the final painting soon. and this is a painting he is working on for his grandpa. and lastly the hat and scarf I finished for my pollywog thank you for listening and have a blessed day.