i haven't been to this space in quite some time.
my camera broke, then the computer i use to upload 
photos, broke...and in the summer money is, well...
lets just say cameras are fixed with tape and second computers are shelved.
this break has lead to a break from social media in general.
this is good.
we have been enjoying our summer.
it hasn't followed the plans i envisioned.
-lots of swimming, vacations, bike rides, camping...-
mostly because it has been so hot here.
it is in the hundreds, easily, most days.  no rain, no breeze, just hot
sticky- can't breath steaminess.
we have been to the pool a few times and we will go some more,
but camping and riding bikes it out of the question.
i usually don't mind hot summers. i have worked outside
the past three summers.
however, i am 35, and the idea of shoveling, lifting, trimming brush in this
blanket of heat- seems awful.
have i outgrown my romantic ways?
-or- is this weather iNsaNe
i use to love to sweat and get dirty outside and end the day with a cold beer
and reggae tunes on the front porch.
hopefully i am still that wild gal at heart.  
maybe i am just getting older, or my tastes our changing.
either way i have found myself dreaming of moving to colorado, or northern 
california or at least near the ocean.
i miss outside.
the little one is throughly enjoying the summer program she is in a few days a week.
their are 'old' friends, picnics, ice-cream treats, and craft making.
each session they focus on a new theme...so far, the deep blue sea,
what's in the backyard, the vast landscape and soon outer space.
she has been doing the summer reading program
 at our local library and has won several wonderful prizes.
we have a new puppy who we adore! her name is Suki and she is a wauzer.
she is the sweetest most cutest pup.
we have been attending bi-monthly potlucks with sweet friends.
pollywog and the children frolic with flushed cheeks while we sip new
summer concoctions, share yummy foods and play games.

i am planning to retire this blog and start a new one.
my life is in such a different place compared to when i started fishdreams.
that is an understatement.
its time for a fresh breeze to blow through. a new look, a new beginning.
i will leave a link to this new space once it is up and running.
i am in a transition. i can feel it. my spirit is quiet, so is my voice.
paths are forming and i am learning to embrace who i have become.
older, wiser, careful, and maybe not so free-spirited. 
i am learning to embrace the new, and reach for what i have always wanted,
and accept what i have lost.
this journey is difficult at times but it is mine.
the hardest mountain i climbed i did with one strong leg
and when i looked behind, it was a hill instead.
(from my ~Tales of the Nomadic Tree~poems)