at home today

Since moving into our new home we haven't felt like straying too far away.
All that we need or want is around us. B was working,no classes for me today, and CJ was busy with school...sooo Pollywog and I explored, created and enjoyed our imaginations. Our exploring took place in our backyard.
There were birds everywhere. Blue jays, Robins, the cutest woodpecker and finches. We fed them, observed them and listen to there songs surround us. We collected items that caught our eyes and added them to our "nature walk" table.
Some items ended up in playtime. Then I tried my hand at some yarn dolls...We named them Sycamore, Banjo and baby (I apologize for the horrible picture quality) They were a hit with Pollywog and now...I am off to a hot bath and a good book.