A cold Autumn Day -by pollywog (Part Two)

The very next day was chilly outside. So cold I had to wear a coat, hat and gloves. I like cold days just as much as warm ones. When it's cold outside I find different fun things to do. On this day I decided to make a pine cone, acorn, mud pie...they're my specialty. First we had to gather acorns, wild strawberries,mud, and leaves in the woods.
Then I made my pie and put it in the oven to bake.
While it was baking I swept up my mess.
Next mommy and me made a special farm for my animals.
The animals were having so much fun.
My new favorite movie at the moment is Charlotte's Web, so my pig is special to me.
Later that evening Daddy, mommy, bubbie and me made a fire and roasted hot dogs, played music and looked at the night sky. (thats my daddy and me roasting hot dogs)
That's my mommy.
I like Autumn because you get to have special warm days and special cold ones.