ah, yes...the dailys

Halloween came and went with little hoopla. CJ has graduated from the days of trick-or-treating, and spent the holiday at a church lock-in. The trick part was still intact via shaving cream for anyone who fell asleep.
Pollywog will most likely do the whole "dress up, candy thing" next year when she is 3. So this year was a quiet movie night/ light bright nite, with the little on.
She did carve a pumpkin though. She drew on the face, for me to cut

then her and daddy lit the pumpkins
B and I have been trying to take Pollywog on morning walks a couple of times a week. Our favorite trail is so awesome and we feel like we are walking in a painting.
The boy started wrestling this week and LOVES IT! Although I was cringing at the thought of it- the character and confidence building, and academic encouragement the coaches incorporate into the sport has been a welcomed surprise. One thing I have learned, on this journey back into traditional school, is how important teachers and coaches can be. They can literally make or break a teen's school career. They can be mentors in every since of the word, or push a child onto a path of self-destruction. It's that important. Thank God for teachers and coaches who care! Above is a pic of CJ with a visitor that greets us daily and loves to follow the boy around. CJ has been wanting a pet and just maybe a certain white bearded man might bring him one. Well I am off to enter the imaginary world my little one has lately has been absorbed in. Full of songs, dolls, funny play voices, drawing, stories...a world I gladly join in. Did I mention she is in the throes of potty-training and doing so well...and just about weened...and turning 3 next month. Ah, where does the time go? My baby boy is turning 15 next month too- and taller than me. AAAAAHHHHHHHH Baby fever might just be starting soon. but for now I am on honor roll in college and loving every minute of it. Its just enough classes (3) to keep that part of my brain stimulated and let me not miss anything going on at home.