taking time

This week has been so full. I had three tests, one in Philosophy Ethics, the other in World Literature (that was a doozie) and the last in Psychology. On top of that I have a large paper looming over my head that is due before Thanksgiving...Although I really love school and have enjoyed dusting off these areas of my brain, this mama is worn out! Sometimes I wonder, "what am I doing"...I miss collecting recipes and cooking and baking in the afternoons, me and pollywog making crafts each day, and reading for pure enjoyment, not for assignments. I am trying to strike a balance, as moms often must. Not because I can't work or go to school. My husband fully supports all that I want to do, but because I genuinely enjoy being home with my children. I've been considering just taking two classes next semester so I can spend more time with my babe.
I am constantly reminded when I look at her and then glance over at my boy, who is fast becoming a man, just how quickly this time passes.  
Pollywog and I had the best time Tuesday at a local pottery shop.

I painted a mug and added her hand print to it, and she painted a plate. Can't wait to pick up the finished results.

It was so much fun, and something I plan to incorporate for Christmas gifts. Then Pollywog, B and I went to an exhibit that a friend from Seattle was in town doing.
We had a wonderful day. That evening we picked up the boy from wrestling and quickly got him food. This is the main focus of his life! Seriously, he works out for two hours after school each day and keeping enough good calories in him is a full time job. We went to our favorite pizza joint and enjoyed hearing about his day. I am learning the great balancing act of family and school, again. Putting things like this on the bottom of my daily to do's, helps!

 I am so ready for Thanksgiving break! How bout you?