her space

the other day while the little one was at school
 i was putting laundry up in her room i began to look around the little world she has created.
i love her room.
 during the day it is full of sunshine and has such a peaceful energy.
what i love most are the little touches of pollywog in the nooks and crannies.
i like to go and lay on her bed and see all that she sees.

(this "Drawing Book of Faces" pollywog has loved!)

her creative splashes here and there.

buckets full of craft supplies, and all the items that hold importance to her.
there are stuffed animals tucked into beds with scraps of fabric as blankets.
dolls perched on makeshift chairs having a grand ol time
costumes hanging on hooks by jewelery, hats and shoes, waiting to be danced in
and baby dolls dressed and bundled by their little mom.
this is a space for pollywog to grow, imagine and rest.
and it seems she is doing all of that right here.