the weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny.
today for example its sunny and in the 60's.
we'll take it.
yesterday my sister and i took the kids for a hike.
 we had such a wonderful time.

pollywog loves to be outside
she craves it as do i
and she loves to be with her cousins
im thinking my sis enjoyed the fresh air too
i know i did
after a nice dinner we spent a quiet evening at home
reading and drawing
its so nice not having a tele anymore
we spend our time being present 
we listen to music more, create more, connect more and the energy in the house 
is more peaceful and positive
(im working on a new painting!)
we ended the night drinking wine and playing boggle with my sis and her hubby!
listening to music and laughing our arses off
while the little one slumbered.
wonderful pre-pre- new year!
today we plan to enjoy the beautiful day
make a fire
and have a quiet, but special dinner.
pollywog and i are going to make a special chocolate cake too.
::enjoy your day::
see ya in 2012