the sickies

the good ol stomach bug made its way into our home this week.
this is only the second time pollywog has ever had this, last time she was much younger.
she was a trooper though and with a bedside stocked full of sprite, ice-chips, saltines, wet washcloths, books, and "the bowl" we made it through the one day ordeal.
in between being upchucked on twice, doing five loads of laundry and running back and forth to make sure the little one was comfortable i managed to make several of these for each little girl attending her birthday party.
 and my model in better feeling times
and this here is a birthday banner she has been busily working on!
as we plan this special and important milestone i have been
careful to make sure this is her party.
meaning she helps with decorating, planning, and hosting.
i dont want to take over and exclude her from any of this process.
currently she is working on a triangle banner to hang.

and now i must get off of here and get to work on the pile of christmas
gifts that need finishing touches, or beginnings altogether.