Maybe it was the film I watched before bed...maybe it was the prayer I have had on my heart for years about adoption and Brian's prayer to do work in Africa...(he went on a Mission's trip there in college and has been forever touched)...or maybe it was the large, consumption of chocolate chip cookies before bed- whatever the case I had two very, vivid dreams last night that replayed over and over in my head. First one: We bought this beautiful land in Oregon that was surrounded by hills- we called it "Resting Mountain"- it had hammocks hanging, an outdoor kitchen, a common fire-pit and several little cabins. We called it "Resting Mountain" because we opened it to traveling missionaries, as a place for them to rest, after their journeys. In my head I kept repeating, "resting mountain for nomadic ministries" Second dream: we adopted this little boy from Africa named, Isaiah. He was so cute and sweet and I couldn't stop hugging him. He had never been hugged and loved and was enjoying all the attention. MMMM?