Manic Monday...long, probably boring post

Today was a breezy, beautiful, dare I say summer day (i know it's spring, but it felt like summer) Today was the kinda day that you dust off your box fan and get'r running. So that is exactly what I did. I cleaned it up and turned it on.
I love the sound of a fan. It has such a peaceful hum. It reminds my of my grandmother's house.

The day hummed along like the fan. The breeze gently lifted the kitchen curtains all day. The sun was bright in the clear sky. Birds chirped around the house all day and I spotted our regular friend Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Bluejay, eating the seeds pollywog and I put out the day before. The house was peaceful, and filled with natural light.
Although the day hummed, it went by more like a breeze. Here and gone.
While CJ finished his chores- I quickly picked up the house and threw some laundry in, which had piled up in a matter of minutes. (When CJ cleans he tends to throw all cloth items into his laundry bin- gotta get that thing outta his room)...

Once pollywog went down for her nap (more like closing her eyes briefly as of late)...CJ and I decided to make pizza dough for dinner tonight. (more like I begged him to hang out with his poor mother...why do i keep saying, "more like"?) He must've felt pity for me, b/c he agreed. We measured, mixed and kneaded our dough and let it rise in the warm kitchen. I got the recipe from, "Moosewood Restaurant New Classics"- its a goodin'.
He actually cracked a smile while hangin' out with his ol' mom, and it was nice to spend time with him. He is growing up so fast...(click on pics to enlarge)

He was having so much fun that he agreed to do a craft with me. I saw this craft on another mom's blog and thought it looked fun. We basically unwrapped all of our crayons and sorted them by colors, broke them up and put them into a muffin tin- then baked them for about 20-25 min. on 200, let them dry and popped them out. He is an artist like me, so we enjoy colors and projects. He loved the blues and said the different browns made him think of the desert.

Just about that time we were really getting into it, CJ's friend came to see if her wanted to ride bikes, and I was left at the table to finish the craft. Well it was fun while it lasted...teens. Sometimes I wish he was little again, but I'm pretty proud watching him grow up too. They did turn out great though, and pollywog colored with them, stacked them and showed the birds outside the window.

...and the pizza was a hit...

"its just another manic monday, ooohhhhh ooohhhh"