A Walk to Beautiful

Last night I watched a documentary called, "A Walk to Beautiful", on PBS.
It was about women in Ethiopia suffering with a condition called, Fistula. This is when there is a leak in the urinary tubing, caused by complications in childbirth, and urine leaks uncontrollably from the woman. A combination of physical labor (starting as young girls) and poor nutrition, causes poor development and they're bodies don't develop properly, causing them to be small. They are married off as young as 8 or 9, and pregnant as young as 12. So you can see how they have difficulty during child-birthing. Some of these woman labor for up to a week, (usually carrying a still born at this point) and without the aid of a doctor. This is a widespread epidemic in Africa. What is so sad, is the woman are ostircized in their villages. Because they are leaking urine (and feces in some cases), causing them to smell. Their husbands leave them and they are sent to live in makeshift shelters (if they are lucky) where they live alone until they die. The emotional heartache the women suffer is so horrible.
The documentary showed a few woman getting treatment at a clinic in Addis Ababa, specializing in Fistula. It was so wonderful to see their lives changed. One story in particular, (Wubete) was particularly touching. She had no mother, or family to speak of. Her father had married her off at age 10 and she kept running away. By age 12 she was pregnant and suffered complications. Her incontinence was not able to be surgically fixed, however they were able to let her go and work in an orphanage so she wouldn't have to go back to her village.
The whole story was touching and eye opening.
CJ watched it with me. Sometimes he forgets (as we all do) what others have to endure. It opened up our world a little bit.
I decided that the baby stuff I was going to sell could be better used at the orphanage (Grace Village), as they do accept donations.
This story will remain in my heart forever.
Check out the clinic and orphanage: