Mama's day

~These are my two wonderful children. You can't see my son's handsome face but I still like this picture. He lives on his bike. My daughter is making a craft with feathers and stickers. Blessings abundantly~

I have a feeling this might be one of those long, rambling, blogs of mine(are any of them not?) There is so much to tell about my wonderful day and of course- the million's of thoughts that go through my head...(okay not millions, but seriously a lot)...Maybe I will make two posts.
Last night me and CJ stayed up fairly late. I was going through stuff to get rid of and organizing space for my new(well used, new to me- it's actually quite old) beautiful desk with a hutch. The wind was howling- I mean really blowing. I thought maybe a tornado was coming, then all the power went off. CJ, who had fallen asleep on the couch came in our room with his bedding. We turned on our wind up radio and listened, but it was just strong winds. With the commotion and due to the fact that she is a light sleeper, the baby woke up and got excited that we were all in the bed and talking. She was kicking her feet and squealing and kissing her bubbie. We talked and laughed and enjoyed the family memory. Of course it took forever to get her back to sleep, so I think we actually went back to bed around 2 (ugh).
I woke up at 8 to nurse Pollywog (aka,baby, well toddler now) and noticed, thankfully, the power was back on.They told me to sleep in for Mother's day (ahhh) Around 10:30 they brought me breakfast in bed (2 eggs over medium, Ezekiel toast with fresh jam, two soy sausage links, coffee and o.j.- yummy) plus two home-made cards (my favorite kind). My son's card had pictures of me in the sand dunes in Colorado, at Joshua Tree and one of the ocean in Oregon. It said, "Thanks for keeping us straight" (thats about as much mush as you get from a 13 yr. old boy...)
So sweet. I sat in bed eating my food and then I heard Pollywog at the door wondering why mommy was in there. She started kissing the door. It was too much cuteness and frankly I missed her so I let her in bed with me.
The day was beautifully breezy, and sunny.
Later I made us lunch- mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil sandwiches mmmm and grapes.
 After lunch the kids picked wild flowers for me and I also got chocolate candies and my son got me blue, hanging dice for my vehicle and a stick of thing that says "get r done" (he said cause I always get things done). They made me smile and I am so grateful.The rest of the day has been very nice, except I felt sick for a bit. For the past week, for a little part of the day I feel really nauseous. It last for about 20-30 minutes and I usually drink some mint tea or eat some anise seeds and it goes away. Now I have a headache. I don't know what it is. I am gonna try and only eat fruits and veggies and whole grains this week and nothing else.
I also got my desk and hutch set up and I have so much more storage in my kitchen for bulk foods! I love it.
I will display pics. soon. I think I mentioned that I don't have a digital camera yet, so I have been taking pics. with a disposal one (yuck)
Well maybe I will post my rambling thoughts later. Right now I'm gonna sip my mint tea and is Mother's Day!