all I want for Christmas

Along with the excitement and joys of the holidays, a lump of sadness has firmly placed itself in my heart. Today, when the house was silent and I sat alone, that lump moved up into my throat and I began to cry. I cannot hear a Christmas song without hearing his voice singing loudly, in his own special way. I cannot shop, without passing by the gadget sections and thinking of him. Who will open their presents with the enthusiasm that he did. He would always say, "man, I love my family." Who will eat the tins of cookies? Who will tell the Christmas story like he did, on Christmas Eve? With all the lights out he would pass us each a candle and tell how Jesus was the light of the earth and slowly light all our candles till the room was aglow. Who will tease me about the funny gifts I give? Who will even notice? Who will help the kids get their toys working and gladly watch them when they say, "look grandpa, look!" Today I made one Christmas see my father for just five minutes. To hear his voice and put my hand in his. That's all I want for Christmas.